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LA’s Notable Comedians

Some of LA's greatest comedians: Richard Pryor, Gilbert Gottfried, Paul Mooney, Robin Williams

Get ready to dive into the world of laughter as we present our comprehensive list of famous Los Angeles comedians. While not every comedian on this list currently resides in LA or is with us today, each has left a lasting impact on the vibrant comedy scene of this city.

From the iconic pioneers who graced the stages of historic comedy clubs to the modern-day stars lighting up theaters and screens, our curated selection celebrates the diverse and brilliant minds that have shaped LA comedy over the years. As you browse through the list, you’ll discover the names of beloved comedians, some familiar and some forgotten, who have brought joy and laughter to audiences far and wide.

Whether you’re a seasoned comedy enthusiast or just starting your journey into the world of humor, this collection offers a glimpse into the legacy of Los Angeles comedians. From their early stand-up performances to the hit TV shows and movies that propelled them to stardom, each comedian has contributed their unique style and voice to the ever-evolving art of comedy.

Notable Los Angeles Comedians

Adam SandlerA versatile comedian and actor known for his goofy and lovable characters in both stand-up and film.@adamsandler
Aisha TylerA comedian, actress, and TV host known for her work on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “The Talk.”@aishatyler
Ali WongA talented comedian and writer known for her frank and witty observations on motherhood and life.@aliwong
Amy PoehlerA comedic powerhouse known for her work on “Saturday Night Live” and as Leslie Knope on “Parks and Recreation.”@amypoehler
Andrew Dice ClayA controversial and influential comedian known for his edgy and risqué humor.@andrewdiceclay
Andrew SantinoA comedian and actor known for his appearances on “Mixology” and hosting the podcast “Whiskey Ginger.”@andrewantino
Andy KaufmanAn enigmatic and innovative comedian known for his unconventional and performance art-inspired humor.N/A (deceased)
Andy SambergA talented comedian, actor, and writer known for his work on “Saturday Night Live” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”@andysamberg
Annie LedermanA comedian and writer known for her sharp wit and appearances on “Girl Code” and “Chelsea Lately.”@annielederman
Anthony JeselnikA dark and daring comedian known for his deadpan delivery and controversial jokes.@anthonyjeselnik
Argus HamiltonA seasoned comedian and writer known for his witty and topical jokes, often featuring political humor.@argushamilton
Ari ShaffirA comedian, writer, and podcast host known for his storytelling style and “Skeptic Tank” podcast.@arishaffir
Arsenio HallA groundbreaking comedian and talk show host known for “The Arsenio Hall Show” and stand-up comedy.@arseniohall
Aziz AnsariA versatile comedian and actor known for his roles in “Parks and Recreation” and stand-up specials.@aziziedu
Bert KreischerA hilarious comedian and storyteller known for his shirtless stand-up specials and “The Machine” story.@bertkreischer
Bill BurrA no-nonsense comedian known for his brutally honest and thought-provoking stand-up routines.@billburr
Bill HicksA brilliant and influential comedian known for his social commentary and fearless approach to comedy.N/A (deceased)
Bill MaherA political satirist and talk show host known for his sharp and controversial humor.@billmaher
Billy ConnollyA Scottish-born comedian and actor with a unique storytelling style and humorous observations on life.@billyconnolly
Billy CrystalA versatile comedian known for his charming humor, memorable characters, and hosting the Oscars.@billycrystal
Billy EichnerA talented comedian and actor known for his energetic and hilarious “Billy on the Street” segments.@billyeichner
Bob HopeA legendary comedian and beloved entertainer known for his USO tours and classic films.N/A (deceased)
Bob NewhartA comedic legend known for his deadpan delivery and clever humor, often delivering phone-based jokes.@bobnewhartofficial
Bob SagetA versatile comedian known for his family-friendly image on “Full House” and edgy stand-up comedy.@bobsaget
Bobby LeeA hilarious comedian and actor known for his work on “MADtv” and “TigerBelly” podcast.@bobbyleelive
Bobcat GoldthwaitAn eccentric comedian and filmmaker known for his unique voice and offbeat comedic style.@bobcatgoldthwait
Bonnie McFarlaneA sharp and witty comedian known for her appearances on “Last Comic Standing” and “The Tonight Show.”@mcfarlene
Brad WilliamsA comedian and actor known for his clever and self-deprecating humor, often about his dwarfism.@bradwilliamscomic
Brian MosesA comedian and writer known for co-creating “Roast Battle” and his work on “The Comedy Store.”@brianmosesandshit
Cedric the EntertainerA charismatic comedian and actor known for his infectious energy and memorable performances.@cedrictheentertainer
Cheech Marin & Tommy ChongA dynamic comedy duo famous for their stoner-themed humor and successful comedy albums.@cheechandchong
Chelsea HandlerA sharp and irreverent comedian known for her late-night talk show and witty stand-up routines.@chelseahandler
Chelsea PerettiA comedian, actress, and writer known for her quirky humor and work on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”@chelseaperetti
Chris FarleyA beloved comedic actor known for his physical humor and memorable characters on “SNL.”N/A (deceased)
Chris HardwickA multi-talented comedian, actor, and TV host known for his work on “Talking Dead” and “The Wall.”@nerdist
Chris RockA stand-up legend known for his sharp social commentary and engaging performances.@chrisrock
Dana CarveyAn impressionist and actor known for his work on “Saturday Night Live” and various comedic films.@danacarvey
Dane CookA popular comedian known for his energetic performances and relatable humor.@danecook
Dat PhanThe first winner of “Last Comic Standing,” known for his unique and hilarious comedic style.@datphancomedy
Dave ChappelleA highly influential comedian known for his bold and incisive comedy on race, politics, and culture.@davechappelle
David SpadeA comedian and actor known for his sarcastic and self-deprecating humor.@davidspade
Dean DelrayA talented comedian and musician known for his energetic rock-and-roll-infused stand-up routines.@deandelray
Demetri MartinA comedian known for his clever one-liners, whimsical drawings, and deadpan delivery.@demetrimartin
Doug StanhopeA comedian known for his dark and brutally honest stand-up routines, challenging societal norms.@dougstanhope
Duncan TrussellA comedian and podcaster known for his philosophical and psychedelic humor on “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.”@duncantrussell
Earl SkakelA comedian and actor known for his appearances on “Roast Battle” and “InAPPropriate Comedy.”@earlskakel
Eddie GriffinA versatile comedian and actor known for his roles in “Undercover Brother” and his stand-up specials.@iameddiegriffin
Eddie IzzardA British-born comedian known for his surreal and intellectual comedy that often delves into history.@eddieizzard
Eddie MurphyA versatile comedian and actor with a gift for creating memorable characters and hilarious sketches.@eddiemurphy
Eddie PepitoneA comedian known for his passionate and satirical humor, often using his gravelly voice for comedic effect.@eddiepepitone
Eliot ChangA comedian known for his energetic performances and appearances on “Chelsea Lately” and “Comedy Central Presents.”@eliotchangcomedy
Ellen CleghorneA talented comedian and actress known for her work on “Saturday Night Live” during the 1990s.@ellencleghorne
Ellen DeGeneresA beloved talk show host and comedian known for her warm and relatable stand-up style.@theellenshow
Eric AndreA groundbreaking comedian and actor known for his surreal and absurd humor on “The Eric Andre Show.”@ericandre
Erik GriffinA comedian and actor known for his role on “Workaholics” and his appearances on “Comedy Central Presents.”@erikgriffin
Erik MyersA comedian known for his high-energy performances and appearances on “Gotham Comedy Live” and “Laughs.”@erikmyers
Eugene LebowitzKnown professionally as Gene Wilder, this iconic comedian and actor starred in classic films like “Blazing Saddles” and “Young Frankenstein.”N/A
Fred ArmisenA versatile comedian and actor known for his work on “Saturday Night Live” and “Portlandia.”@fredarmisen
Freddie PrinzeA pioneering comedian and actor known for his work in the 1970s, starring in “Chico and the Man” and “The Freddie Prinze Show.”@realfreddieprinze
Gabriel IglesiasA popular comedian and actor known for his hilarious and animated storytelling style, often referred to as “Fluffy.”@fluffyguy
Garry ShandlingA highly influential comedian and actor known for “The Larry Sanders Show” and stand-up routines.@garryshandling
George CarlinAn iconic satirist with a talent for sharp social commentary and thought-provoking humor.N/A (deceased)
George LopezA beloved comedian with a knack for exploring cultural themes and delivering relatable humor.@georgelopez
Gilbert GottfriedA legendary comedian known for his distinctive voice and appearances in various films and TV shows.@gilbertgottfried
Greg FitzsimmonsA comedian and writer known for his sharp and insightful humor, often drawing from his personal life.@gregfitzsimmons
Groucho MarxA legendary comedian and actor known for his quick wit and hilarious one-liners in the Marx Brothers comedy team.@grouchomarx
Hannibal BuressA witty and laid-back comedian known for his observational humor and deadpan delivery.@hannibalburess
Howie MandelA versatile comedian, actor, and TV host known for his work on “Deal or No Deal” and “America’s Got Talent.”@howiemandel
Iliza ShlesingerA talented comedian celebrated for her sharp wit, relatable humor, and successful stand-up specials.@ilizashlesinger
Jamie FoxxA multi-talented entertainer known for his comedic skills, acting talent, and musical abilities.@iamjamiefoxx
Jamie LeeA comedian and writer known for her sharp observational humor and appearances on “Crashing” and “Girl Code.”N/A (not on Instagram)
Jane LynchA comedian and actress known for her role on “Glee” and work in various comedic films and TV shows.@janelynchofficial
Janeane GarofaloA smart and acerbic comedian known for her sharp wit and thoughtful social commentary.@janeanegarofalo
Jay LenoA longtime comedian and former “Tonight Show” host known for his witty and observational humor.@jayleno
Jeff GarlinA talented comedian and actor known for his role on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and his stand-up performances.@garlinofficial
Jeff RossA “Roastmaster General” and stand-up veteran known for his brutally funny roasts and specials.@jeffreyross
Jen KirkmanA witty and relatable comedian, often sharing humorous observations on everyday life.@jenkirkman
Jenny SlateA comedian and actress known for her quirky and endearing comedic style.@jennyslate
Jerry SeinfeldA master of observational humor, famous for his hit sitcom “Seinfeld” and stand-up specials.@jerryseinfeld
Jim CarreyA comedic powerhouse known for his zany physical comedy and successful film career.@jimcarrey
Jim CarreyA comedic powerhouse known for his zany physical comedy and successful film career.@jimjefferies
Jim JefferiesA sharp and darkly humorous comedian known for his no-holds-barred commentary on politics and society.@jimmykimmellive
Jimmy KimmelA popular late-night talk show host and comedian with a talent for humorous monologues and sketches.@jokoy
Jo KoyA Filipino-American comedian known for his hilarious observations on family and culture.@joancusack
Joan CusackA versatile comedian and actress known for her comedic roles in films like “Working Girl” and “In & Out.”@joanrivers
Joan RiversA groundbreaking female comedian known for her sharp wit and trailblazing career in comedy.N/A (deceased)
Joe RoganA versatile comedian, UFC commentator, and podcast host known for his insightful and witty humor.@georgelopez
Joey DiazA comedian known for his wild and colorful storytelling style, with appearances on “The Joe Rogan Experience” and his own podcast.@madflavors_world
John BelushiA comedic genius and original cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” known for his wild and physical performances.N/A (deceased)
John CaparuloA comedian known for his relatable and observational humor on marriage and everyday life.@johncaparulo
John MulaneyA talented comedian known for his clever and clean humor, often drawing from his personal experiences.@johnmulaney
Johnny CarsonA legendary comedian and TV host known for his iconic tenure as the host of “The Tonight Show.”N/A (deceased)
Josh NasarA comedian, actor, and host known for his dynamic and relatable stand-up performances.@joshnasarcomedy
Judy CarterA comedian, author, and speaker known for her insightful books on comedy writing and performance.@judycarter
Kathy GriffinA fearless comedian known for her sharp and provocative stand-up routines.@kathygriffin
Kathy NajimyA comedian, actress, and activist known for her roles in films like “Sister Act” and “Hocus Pocus.”@kathynajimi
Keenen Ivory WayansA multi-talented comedian, actor, and filmmaker known for creating the hit sketch comedy show “In Living Color.”@keenenwayans
Kevin HartA high-energy comedian known for his hilarious storytelling and engaging stage presence.@kevinhart4real
Kevin JamesA comedian and actor known for his role in the sitcom “The King of Queens” and successful stand-up specials.@kevinjames
Kevin NealonA talented comedian and actor, known for his long tenure on “Saturday Night Live” and witty humor.@nealoncomedy
Kurt MetzgerA comedian and writer known for his sharp and unapologetic humor, as well as his writing on “Inside Amy Schumer.”@kurtmetzger
Larry DavidA comedian, actor, and writer known for co-creating “Seinfeld” and starring in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”@larrydavid
Leonard RobinsonA talented comedian and actor known for his appearances on “Insecure” and “Wild ‘N Out.”@leonardrobinson
Lily TomlinAn Emmy-winning actress and comedian famous for her quirky characters and satirical wit.@lilytomlin
Louie AndersonA beloved comedian and actor known for his warm and relatable humor, as well as his role in “Baskets.”@louieanderson
Louis C.K.A talented comedian and writer known for his dark humor and unfiltered storytelling.@louisck
Lucille BallAn iconic actress and comedian best known for her role in the classic TV sitcom “I Love Lucy.”N/A (deceased)
Marc MaronA candid storyteller with a podcast and stand-up specials, known for his raw and personal style.@marcmaron
Marc MaronA comedian, actor, and podcast host known for his candid and introspective stand-up style and “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast.@margaretcho
Margaret ChoA trailblazing comedian known for her fearless and boundary-pushing comedy.@mariabamford
Maria BamfordA brilliant comedian known for her quirky and highly personal comedic approach.@martinlawrence31
Martin LawrenceA versatile comedian and actor known for his roles in sitcoms and stand-up specials.@matteolane
Matteo LaneA multitalented comedian, singer, and artist known for his sharp wit and fabulous personality.@mazjobrani
Maz JobraniA hilarious Iranian-American comedian known for his observations on multiculturalism and family.@mindykaling
Mindy KalingA comedic actress, writer, and producer known for her work on “The Office” and “The Mindy Project.”@moshekasher
Moshe KasherA comedian and author known for his sharp wit and insightful stand-up routines.@natashaleggero
Natasha LeggeroA sassy and sarcastic comedian known for her stand-up routines and television appearances.@nealbrennan
Natasha LeggeroA witty comedian and actress known for her appearances on “Chelsea Lately” and “Another Period.”@nickkroll
Neal BrennanA talented comedian and writer known for co-creating “Chappelle’s Show” with Dave Chappelle.@normmacdonald
Nick KrollA multi-talented comedian and actor known for creating and starring in the sketch comedy “Kroll Show.”@pablofrancisco
Norm MacdonaldA beloved comedian and actor known for his deadpan delivery and time on “Saturday Night Live.”@pattonoswalt
Pablo FranciscoA talented impressionist and comedian known for his energetic and animated stand-up performances.N/A (deceased)
Patton OswaltA critically acclaimed comedian and actor known for his smart and thought-provoking humor.@paulapoundstone
Paul MooneyA legendary comedian and writer known for his fearless and provocative stand-up routines and work with Richard Pryor.@paulyshore
Paula PoundstoneA talented and witty comedian known for her observational humor and improvisational skills.@paulapoundstone
Pauly ShoreA comedian and actor known for his quirky and surfer-dude persona, with roles in “Encino Man” and “Bio-Dome.”@paulyshore
Pete DavidsonA comedian and actor known for his work on “Saturday Night Live” and his candid and personal stand-up routines.@petedavidson
Punkie JohnsonA rising comedian known for her appearances on “Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents” and “Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers.”@punkiejohnson
Ralphie MayA beloved comedian known for his larger-than-life personality and relatable humor.N/A (deceased)
Redd FoxxAn influential comedian famous for his groundbreaking work in stand-up and the TV show “Sanford and Son.”N/A (deceased)
Richard PryorA comedic trailblazer known for his raw and honest style, often tackling sensitive social issues.N/A (deceased)
Ricky GervaisA British comedian known for his sharp wit and humorous observations on life.@rickygervais
Rob SchneiderA versatile comedian and actor known for his work on “Saturday Night Live” and films like “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.”@robschneider
Robin WilliamsA legendary improvisational genius who brought boundless energy and joy to every performance.N/A (deceased)
Rodney DangerfieldA beloved comedian famous for his signature catchphrase “I don’t get no respect” and self-deprecating humor.N/A (deceased)
Roseanne BarrA trailblazing female comedian and actress, best known for her groundbreaking sitcom “Roseanne.”@therealroseanne
Russell BrandA charismatic comedian known for his eccentric personality and unique approach to stand-up.@russellbrand
Russell PetersA Canadian comedian known for his ethnic humor and ability to connect with diverse audiences.@russellpeters
Sam TripoliA comedian, writer, and producer known for his energetic and conspiratorial humor, as well as his podcast “Tin Foil Hat.”@samtritopoli
Sammy ShoreA comedian and actor known for his stand-up work in the 1960s and co-founding “The Comedy Store” with Mitzi Shore.N/A (deceased)
Sandra BernhardA provocative and boundary-pushing comedian, actress, and singer with a fearless comedic approach.@sandra_bernhard
Sarah SilvermanA fearless comedian known for her edgy and provocative stand-up routines.@sarahsilverman
Shawn PelofskyA comedian known for her high-energy performances and appearances on “Chelsea Lately” and “Last Comic Standing.”@shawnpelf
Steve HarveyA multi-talented comedian, actor, and TV host known for his sitcom “The Steve Harvey Show” and hosting “Family Feud” and “Little Big Shots.”@iamsteveharvey
Steve MartinA comedic polymath known for his witty wordplay and unique blend of physical and intellectual humor.@stevemartintogo
Theo VonA comedian, actor, and podcast host known for his Southern charm and hilarious storytelling on “This Past Weekend” podcast.@theovon
Tig NotaroA deadpan comedian known for her honest and introspective humor, often drawing from her life experiences.@tignotaro
Tim AllenA successful comedian and actor known for his sitcom “Home Improvement” and “Toy Story” movies.@timallen
Tom SeguraA popular comedian and podcast host known for his specials “Completely Normal” and “Disgraceful.”@tomsegura
Tony HinchcliffeA sharp and edgy comedian known for his work on “The Comedy Store” and as a roaster on “Roast Battle.”@tonyhinchcliffe
Tracy MorganA comedian and actor known for his unique voice and role on “30 Rock” and “Saturday Night Live.”@tracymorgan
Vanessa HollingsheadA talented comedian and actress known for her one-woman shows and unique storytelling style.@vanessah.hollingshead
Vargus MasonA comedian and writer known for his appearances on “Def Comedy Jam” and “Last Comic Standing.”@vargusmason
Vic DunlopA veteran comedian known for his clever wordplay and appearances on “The Tonight Show” and “Late Night with David Letterman.”N/A
Wanda SykesA talented comedian celebrated for her sharp and witty observations on race and everyday life.@iamwandasykes
Whitney CummingsA comedian, actress, and writer known for her sharp wit and stand-up specials.@whitneycummings
Whoopi GoldbergAn Oscar-winning actress and comedian known for her breakthrough role in “The Color Purple” and co-hosting “The View.”@whoopigoldberg
Wil ShrinerA comedian, actor, and director known for his appearances on “The Tonight Show” and “Dinah Shore.”@wilshriner
Zach GalifianakisA unique and offbeat comedian known for his surreal and absurdist humor.@zachgalifianakis
Zainab JohnsonA talented comedian known for her appearances on “Last Comic Standing” and “HBO’s All Def Comedy.”@zainabjohnson

Comedy Store Paid Regulars

The Comedy Store is a famous comedy venue located on the Sunset Strip. It’s been around for a long time and has played a crucial role in shaping the careers of many comedians. This place is like a comedy hub, where both aspiring and experienced comedians take the stage to make people laugh.

Now, let’s talk about “The Comedy Store Paid Regular List.” This is an exclusive group of comedians who have proven their comedic skills time and time again. They’re like the best of the best, and earning a spot on this list is a huge achievement.

The comedians on this list come in all shapes and sizes. Some have been making people laugh for years, while others are just starting to make a name for themselves. But one thing’s for sure – each one has their own unique style that keeps audiences entertained.


Adam Barnhardt • Adam Devine • Adam Ray • Affion Crockett • Ahmed Ahmed • AJ Jamal • Ajai Sanders • Al Abbott • Al Berman • Al Madrigal • Al Romero • Alan Bursky • Alan Prophet • Alan Spenser • Alex Thomas • Ali Wong • Alison Arngrim • Alison Larkin • Allan Marray • Allan Stephan • Alycia Cooper • Amir K • Amy Ashton • Anand Chulani • And Company • Andre Philippe Gagnon • Andrea Abbate • Andrew Craig • Andrew Dice Clay • Andrew J Lederer • Andrew Johnson • Andrew Santino • Andy Hayes • Andy Huggins • Andy Kaufman • Angel Salazar • Angelo Bowers • Anni Kellogg • Annie Lederman • Ant • Anthony Jeselnik • April Macie • Argus Hamilton • Ari Shaffir • Aristotle Athari • Aries Spears • Aron Kader • Arsenio Hall • Asif Ali


Barbie Orr • Barry Diamond • Barry Levinson • Barry Neikrug • Barry Rothbart • Barry Sobel • Barry Steiger • Baum & Estin • Beaumont Bacon • Belinda Foster • Ben Gilbert • Benji Aflalo • Bert Kreischer • Beth Stelling • Betsy Salkind • Bette Glenn • Biff Maynard • Big Jay Oakerson • Bill Bellamy • Bill Bozart • Bill Burr • Bill Hicks • Bill Kirchenbaur • Bill Maher • Billy Braver • Billy Crystal • Blair Butler • Blake Clark • Bob Baker • Bob DiSimone • Bob Diverde • Bob Goldthwait • Bob Kinny • Bob Oshack • Bob Presbytarian • Bob Saget • Bob Sands • Bob Sarlatte • Bob Wheeler • Bob Wuhl • Bob Zany • Bobbie Shropshire • Bobby & Eddie • Bobby Collins • Bobby Kelton • Bobby Kosser • Bobby Lee • Bonnie McFarlane • Brad Sanders • Brad Williams • Brady Matthews • Brenda Ferrari • Brenda Joyce Verrett • Brent Morin • Brenton Biddlecombe • Bret Ernst • Brian Bradley • Brian Holtzman • Brian McFadden • Brian Moses • Brian Seemann • Brian Scolaro • Brian Sheil • Brian Simpson • Bridget Sienna • Britt Swensen • Brody Stevens • Bruce Baum • Bruce Gray • Bruce Mahler • Bruce Mickelson • Bruce Smirnoff • Bryan Callen • Bud Cort • Buddy Bolton • Buddy Rich • Buffo • Bushman • Buster Brown • Butterscotch • Byron Allen • Byron Bowers


Cameron Young • Candice Thompson • Candy Ford • Carl Edwards • Carl LaBove • Carl Waxman • Carl Wolfson • Carlos Mencia • Carlos Oscar • Carmen Lynch • Carol Leifer • Carol Siskind • Carol Sue Walker • Carole Montgomery • Carrie Snow • Cary Odes • Cathy Ladman • Cathy Lewis • Cecil Glass • Cedric The Entertainer • Chance Langton • Charles Cozart • Charles Fleischer • Charlie Hill • Charlie Laborte • Cheech & Chong • Chelsea Handler • Chelsea Peretti • Cheril Vendetti • Chris Charles • Chris Collins • Chris D’elia • Chris Hardwick • Chris Jackson • Chris Mcguire • Chris Porter • Chris Rock • Chris Spencer • Chris Tucker • Christina Pazsitzky • Christy Miller • Chuck Licini • Chuck Suggus • Cisco • Claude Shires • Colin Quinn • Constance Francesca Hilton • Corky Hubbert • Cort McCown • Cory Miller • Count Basie • Craig Gass • Craig Serbert • Craig Shoemaker • Craig T Nelson • Curtis Arceneaux • Cynthia Levin


Daily Pike • Damienne Merlina • Damon Wayans • Dan Anic • Dan Barton • Dan Danner • Dan Frischman • Dan Soder • Dana Gillette • Daniel Tosh • Danny Kelly• Danny Mora • Danny Stone • Danny Vermont • Dante • Darren Carter • Darrow Igus • Darryl Heath • Darryl “D’Miliant” Littleton • Darryl Sivad • Darwin Hines • Dat Phan • Dave Attell • Dave Chappelle • Dave Conrades • Dave Coulier • Dave Dugan • Dave Helem • Dave Mishevitz • Dave Pierre • Dave Tyree • Davey Wester • David A Arnold • David Brenner • David Burger • David Edwards • David Frye • David Koechner • David Letterman • David Naster • David Spade • David Taylor • David Teitelbaum • Dawn Keith • DC Young Fly • Dean Delray • Debbie Dean • Debbie Reynolds • Deborah Swisher • Dennis Miller • Denny Johnston • Deon Cole • Deray Davis • Destiny • Diane Nichols • Dick Gregory • Dom Irrera •Dominic Anthony • Dominique Fig • Don Barris • Don Richardson • Don Sherman • Donna Cherry • Donna Jean Young • Donnell Rawlings • Donnie Brooke Alderson • Dorothea Van • Dottie Archibald • Doug Stanhope • Doug Williams • Dov Davidoff • Duncan Trussell • Dutch Dunhill


Earl Skakel • Earthquake • Ed Begley Jr. • Ed Bluestone • Eddie Brill • Eddie Griffin • Eddie Murphy • Eddie Pepitone • E.J. • Elayne Boosler • Eleanor Kerrigan • Eliot Chang • Ellis Levinson • Elvira Kurt • Emily Levine • Eric Andre • Eric Edwards • Erik Griffin • Erik Myers • Esther King • Eugene Lebowitz


Fahim Anwar • Faizon Love • Felicia Michaels • Felipe Esparza • Fifi Dosch • Finesse Mitchell • Finis Henderson • Flame Monroe • Flastaff • Flip Wilson • Fortune Feimster • Francisco Ramos •Frank Carrasquillo • Frank Castillo • Frank Laemmerman • Frank Manzano • Frank Welker • Franken & Davis • Frankie Pace • Franklyn Ajaye • Frazer Smith • Fred Asparagus • Fred Burns • Fred Greenlee • Fred Raker • Fred Smoot • Fred Willard • Fred Wolf • Freddie Prinze • Freddy Lockhart • Freddy Soto • Freez Luv • Friedman & Weinbaum • Fritz Coleman • Fun Parade


Gabriel Iglesias • Gabriel Kaplan • Gad Elmaleh • Gail Matthius • Gallagher • Gary Austin • Garry Shandling • Gary Austin • George Carlin • George Hirschman • George Miller • George Perez • George Wallace • Georgia Jean • Georgia Rogodale • Geremy Dingle • Geri Jewell • Gerry Bednob • Gilbert Gottfried • Gillette & McBurney • Gina Yashere • Giulia Rozzi • Glen Foster • Glenn Super • Glitter • Godfrey • Gracie Soto • Granat & Carrozo • Grayline Williams • Greg Dean • Greg Eagles • Greg Fitzsimmons • Greg Hilbers • Greg Monaghan • Gulden • Guy Torry


Hannibal Burress • Harland Williams • Harris Peet • Harry Basil • Heath Hyche • Helen Hong • Hilda Vincent • Honest John • Howard Taylor • Howie Gold • Howie Mandel


Ian Edwards • Iliza Shlesinger • Irv Burton • Isabel West • Itzkowitz


Jack Farrell • Jack Marion • Jack Riley • Jackie Banana • Jackie Diamond • Jackie Gayle • Jackie Mason • Jackson Perdue • Jade Catta-Preta • Jaime Klein • Jak Knight • Jake Johannsen • Jake Weisman • James Aleck • James Lee Reeves • James Painter • James Stephens III • Jamie Kennedy • Janice Hart • Jason Collings • Jason Gillearn • Jason Lucas • Jason Stuart • Jay Davis • Jay Larson • Jay Leno • Jay London • Jay Pharoah • Jay Phillips • Jay Pope • Jaz Kaner • JB Smoov • Jeff & Ernest • Jeff Altman • Jeff Cesario • Jeff Danis • Jeff DeHart • Jeff Garlin • Jeff Gerbino • Jeff Richards • Jeff Scott • Jeff Valdez • Jeff Wayne • Jeffrey Berner • Jeffrey Ross • Jennifer “Roxy” Rich • Jeremiah Watkins • Jeri Jewel • Jerrod Carmichael • Jerron Horton • Jerry Dye • Jerry Seinfeld • Jerry Winnick • Jessica Michelle Singleton • Jesus Trejo • Jill Turnbow • Jim Bullock • Jim Carrey • Jim Florentine • Jim Giovanni • Jim Jefferies • Jim Staal • Jim Varney • Jimmie Martinez • Jimmie Walker • Jimmy and Joey • Jimmy Brogan • Jimmy Carr • Jimmy Samuels • Jimmy Shubert • Jo Koy • Joan Rivers • JoAnn Dearing • Jodi Miller • Joe Alaskey • Joe Manetti • Joe Nipote • Joe Restive • Joe Rogan • Joe Torrey • Joe Yannetty • Joel Hodgeson • Joey Camen • Joey Diaz • Joey Gaynor • Joey Marmo • John Caparulo • John Caponera • John Cardinale • John Fox • John Kreng • John Little • John Lopez • John Lyons • John Mendoza • John Mulaney • John Pate • John Pinette • John Roarke • John Witherspoon • Johnny Carson • Johnny Dark • Johnny Sanchez • Johnny Yune • Jon Borchers • Jon Manfrellotti • Jon Reep • Jonathan Gotsick • Jonathan Moore • Jonathan Pekar • Jordy Fox • Josh Martin •  Josh Nasar • Josh Wolf • Judah Friedlander • Judd Apatow • Judy Carter • Judy Cianciotto • Judy Gold • Judy Tenuta • Judy Toll • Julie McWhirter • Justin Martindale • Justin Wade


Karen Golden • Karen Haber • Karen Hartman • Karen Lorshbough •Karin Babbitt • Kaye West • Keith Ernst • Kelly Kursten • Kelly Moneith • Kelly Rogers • Kevin Christy • Kevin Nealon • Kevin Rook • Kim Tavares • Kip Addotta • Kirk Fox • Kit Hollerbach • Kristian Harloff • KT Tatara • Kumail Nanjiani • Kurt Metzger • Kyle Dunnigan • Kyle Erby • Kym Whitley


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